Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time of change. Sometimes your body changes so quickly that it is difficult to keep up with these changes. Massage supports you during this time and helps you to achieve inner relaxation. Slow, rhythmic touch invites you to feel at home in your body and enjoy a deep sense of calm.


Pregnancy massage prepares your body for birth and can prevent (or relieve) many stress related difficulties as well as relieving the aches and pains that may accompany pregnancy.

During the massage you lie comfortably on your side, supported by cushions. Your growing belly has lots of room in this position and you can concentrate on yourself and the treatment. In the first half of pregnancy (or longer, if it is comfortable for you) you can lie on your stomach supported by a Body CushionTM. You are free to move and change your position anytime during the massage.


I use organic and other high quality oils, including those specially developed by German midwife Ingeborg Stadelmann.


Please bring written permission from your doctor or midwife if you are suffering from complications.