Holistic Massage, Therapy, and Counseling

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Laurie Ann Johnson


Telephone: 08131 - 3174049 (Since I don’t answer the phone during treatments you’ll probably get my answering machine).


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I am located 20 Minutes from central Munich with the S-bahn or by car.

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Massage is not just a pleasant experience, but also a way of nourishing our own health and sense of well being.


Slow, rhythmic touch allows the body to release tension and relax. Studies show the positive effects that receiving a massage of 30 minutes or longer on a regular basis has on different areas of health, including the immune system, the nervous system, and the balance of hormones in the body.


The deep relaxation that takes place during a treatment allows the mind to expand and let go of thoughts and worries. As the body becomes more flexible, the mind can move more freely.


When body and mind come to a state of rest you delve into your inner source, which feeds the soul with energy, dreams, visions, and memories. Here you are simultaneously completely at one with yourself and connected with all that is.


During a treatment I offer time, space, and uniqueness. Entering the treatment room is like entering another time zone. Everything slows down and your sense of time changes. The deep stillness creates space, in which you can reconnect with yourself, which is particularly helpful in times of change. In this sacred space you are in charge of your boundaries and determine what you need. Each treatment is unique, as are each person, each body, and each moment. Massage is a quiet dialogue between you and my hands.


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Massage can be helpful for supporting the healing process and also for preventing illness and promoting an overall sense of well being. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before making an appointment.


Therapy and Counseling


In the holistic approach all levels and aspects of an individual are taken into consideration. The body can be reached through the mind and soul and the mind and soul can be reached through the body. Emphasis is placed on finding solutions and resources, tapping into inner knowledge. Imagination and visualization nurture the soul and help to translate deep visions into daily life.

Resource oriented solution focused counseling and hypnotherapy offer concrete help in just a few sessions.

E-Mail: lauriejohnson@dachau-mail.de